A gathering of stories, cultures and interactions with sea turtles


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Taking inspiration from the concept of Wunderkammer or cabinet of curiosities, we bring together stories from history, biology, culture, conservation and people associated with sea turtles in India and use artefacts to tell the stories and connections between them.


A collection of items that use turtles as a motif in their branding and storytelling.


A closer look at the artefacts and collections used in the dioramas.

About the Exhibition

Arribada a Spanish word meaning arrival, is one of the largest mass nesting events of Ridley turtles globally. Over 100,000 female Ridleys lay eggs in their nests over a span of three or four days. Mass nesting is a survival strategy, thought to overwhelm predators and ensure that a sufficient number of eggs are left behind to hatch.

Experience these mysterious marine animals and our connection with them.

See turtle stories of culture and conservation in the exhibition of turtle artefacts collected over several years across several countries by Aradhana Seth, Kartik Shanker and Sejal Worah.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Aradhana Seth, Dakshin Foundation & WWF, India.



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Vignettes from the Exhibition