Dakshin Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable, non-governmental organisation committed to environmental sustainability and social justice. Our mission is to inform and advocate for conservation and natural resource management, while promoting and supporting sustainable livelihoods, social development and environmental justice. We adopt interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches in our research and interventions, drawing from the fields of ecology, conservation biology, sociology, economics, and law. By strengthening networks at local and national levels and supporting advocacy campaigns, we work to build grassroots’ capacities to secure ecosystems and rights and engage in conservation and environmental decision-making. Our goal is to promote ecologically and socially appropriate approaches to conservation and natural resource management in coastal, marine and mountain ecosystems in India.

WWF India

WWF India was founded as a Public Charitable Trust in 1969 with the objective of ensuring the conservation of the country’s wildlife and natural habitats. With the mission “to build a future where humans live in harmony with nature”, WWF-India today is present in over 50 locations across 20 states. The key areas of WWF’s work include conservation of terrestrial, freshwater and marine biodiversity, management of rivers, wetlands and their eco-systems, promoting sustainable livelihoods and local governance, mitigating the impacts of climate change, transforming agriculture & fisheries, businesses & markets towards sustainability, promoting environmental education and combating illegal wildlife trade. This is done through a range strategies including applied research, outreach, advocacy, communications, partnerships and implementation of field projects.


Aradhana Seth

Aradhana Seth is a filmmaker, production designer, visual artist and producer.

She art directed the films The Darjeeling Limited, London Has Fallen and The Bourne Supremacy. As an artist she has had solo shows at Gallery Chemould, Mumbai and Sunapranta, Goa. Her work has been exhibited with Andrea Anastasio at Istituto Italiano de Cultura, New Delhi, and at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary in Viennam Grosvenor Gallery, London, Vadehra Art Gallery and Khoj, New Delhi and Clark House, Mumbai.

Her production design credits include The Sky is Pink, The Sweet Requiem, The Hungry, Angry Indian Goddesses, Vara, West is West, Don, One Night with the King, Admissions, Easy, The Guru (India), Leela, Everybory says “I’m Fine”!, Karvaan, Earth and Fire.

She has directed/Produced over 18 documentary films including DAM/AGE, A film with Arundhati Roy and Omnibus on Vikram Seth.

Most recently she produced A Suitable Boy, a six part series for BBC, airing on Netflix.

Kartik Shanker

Kartik Shanker was inspired to a career in ecology by an ancient reptile, a sea turtle that crawled ashore late one night in Madras. As faculty at the Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, he works on the ecology and evolution of frogs, reptiles, birds, plants and marine fauna. In the twenty-five years, he has helped establish a students’ groups for sea turtle conservation in Chennai, and conducted research on olive ridleys in Odisha and leatherback turtles in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He has also served as the president of the International Sea Turtle Society and regional vice-chair of the IUCN/SSC Marine Turtle Specialist Group.

Kartik is a founding trustee of Dakshin Foundation, which works largely with coastal communities on natural resource conservation and management, and a founding editor of the magazine, Current Conservation. He is the author of the book From Soup to Superstar, a historical account of sea turtle conservation in India. He has also written several children’s stories including Turtle StoryThe Adventures of Philautus FrogMoonlight in the Sea, and Lori’s Magical Mystery.

Sejal Worah

Sejal Worah is a resident of Mussoorie and Delhi, depending on the hat she is wearing. As Programme Director of WWF India in New Delhi, she manages a multi-disciplinary team of professionals working on various facets of environmental conservation and sustainable development. Prior to this, Sejal spent over a decade working on community based conservation in South and Southeast Asia and in East Africa where she got hands on into marine turtle conservation and also initiated her turtle artefact collection. More recently, she has migrated back to Mussoorie where she set up Uttarakhand’s first Private Nature Reserve, the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve in the foothills of the Himalayas, which combines forest restoration and conservation with generation of local livelihoods to demonstrate the true value of nature.


Aradhana Seth, Kartik Shanker & Sejal Worah

Curator & Exhibition Designer: Aradhana Seth

Content Experts: Kartik Shanker, Muralidharan Manoharakrishnan, Ema Fatima and Sejal Worah

Design Team: Kabini Amin, Surbhi Bhadani, Nehal Vyas and Trisha Bhattacharya

Text: Tabitha Sunny Kuruvilla and Prakriti Mukerjee.
Narratives on history, culture and people presented in the exhibits have been taken from From Soup to Superstar by Kartik Shanker, published by Harper Collins (2015)

Graphic Design: Nandita Menon, Surbhi Bhadani and Kabini Amin

Exhibition Manager: Trisha Bhattacharya

Exhibition Coordinators: Muralidharan Manoharakrishnan, Radhika Suri, Prakriti Mukerjee, Payal Narain

Outdoor Section Design Team: Radhika Suri, Minati Baro, Surbhi Bhadani, Tabitha Kuruvilla and Payal Narain

Leatherback Turtle: Minati Baro and Artworkzz

Exhibition Interns: Akshta Joshi and Akshita Saxena

Volunteers: Ashima Singh, Shivani Lal, Nabeel Ahmed Siddiqui, Sandhya, Himanshu Seth, Mikey Midhun, Nupur Arora, Vanita Deshpande, Kritika Gandhi, Meenu Salhotra, Nita Chaudhary, Ridhi Jain, Anushka Sharma, Prerna Sharma, Jeena Siddiqui andMasooma Zahra

Special Thanks: Arundhati Roy, Bivash Pandav, Kajri Jain, Mohammed Chiba, Pranav Chanchani, Safomasi and Saksham Verma


Arribada Goa Exhibition Acknowledgements

Exhibition Consultant: Shrinivas Ananthanarayanan

Coordination: Coralie D’Lima

Box Illustrations: Fabian Gonsalves

Execution: Jairam Harmalkar, Sharmad Aras, Nishant Maplani, Jodanne Pereira, Shivaram Ananthanarayanan, Abhishek Jamalabad, Anuranjan Kalko

The exhibition is a collaboration between WWF India, Dakshin Foundation and Aradhana Seth